Monday, September 12, 2016

A Thank You Note

11th September 2016.

If it's not because of what Allah has put me through, I may not be able to write this tonight. All praise to Him for what He bestow upon us. :)

Today marks the end of my 5 years in medical school. With my name started with the letter 'R', I am one of the last candidates to sit for the clinical exam while most of my study buddies have ended their exams a day earlier. Out of 208 candidates, my lucky number that I voted was 194.

Professional examination 3. As the name resembles itself, one can tell that this is the exit exam for all medical graduates. It was the utmost period of intense pressure that I have ever felt in my entire life of being a student! The anxiety within me was like a ship in the wild ocean. Sometimes the fear haunted me like a storm of waves, while at some other time I can feel calm and steady like the two lovebirds from the Titanic movie-standing with arms raised apart while feeling the breeze of the ocean.

Well, I'm not feeling to tell you the details of what sort of questions and situations that I have been through throughout the clinical case part. Because I believe, there's nothing I can do about it that may change the outcome of my result later. My friends and I had put our own level of effort, so to Allah now we rely upon. May we all pass, ameen.. :) The only thing that I wanted to point out here is the values that have taught me a lot.

To say that I am the only one who sacrificed my time and energy; is just not fair. I have my family at home that always pray for my success and gave me the motivations. They always understand why I didn't come back for a weekend or even this year's Eid ul Adha :( . Then, there are my lecturers who did put a lot of effort to teach us. They too have their own family and life to spent on. Nevertheless, they are determined to pass their knowledge to us, the young doctors. And of course, to all of my friends, my study buddies, and my acquaintances; thank you for colouring up my world. You guys did know my ups and downs while being together and yet still accepts me to become a person of my own personality. Thank you! :)

To the juniors who might be reading this, I wish you all the best too for your upcoming Professionals.
Last but not least, to whoever is reading my writing here, please pray for our success to be a good doctor to serve the community. The knowledge that we gain is not for us to get fame or wealth, but it is our responsibility to use the pearls of wisdom to benefit others.

Each one of us has been blessed with our own unique ability and skills. So there's no need for us to  feel intimidate of others. In fact, use the insecurities in ourselves to guide us become better than yesterday.

Okay, that's all for now. Thank you for reading! Let's spread the goodness and positivity always! 

p/s: I love to write what comes to my mind so that I can ponder it later when I need some encouragement