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Review buku The Other Side Of The Coin

This is the book. Scroll down and you will again find this picture later.

Do you still remember that project, in which a student with the most number of books he/she read will then be awarded with cool prizes? I remember when i was in a primary school, I copied the description from the back of a certain storybooks just for the purpose of completing my 'Projek Nilam'. At that time, I've never thought that my teacher will know that I actually copied the synopsis (although in reality i didn't even read that book hehe). But now that I've grown up, I guess, I can obviously detect whether this student has read the book or just copy pasta  paste to increase her number of readings! I laughed at myself considering how silly I am at that age! ^_^

The fact that I love reading started when i was in Standard 3. That's because I was surrounded with my little Convent girls, whom will always brought their Enid Blyton series to school, in order to exchange books among us.

My addiction when i was in primary school

By time, when we were reaching Standard 5 & 6, everyone has changed their book of interests from a merely childrens's stories, into a more girlish stories such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Series (being the most famous are - Two of a kind diaries, Sweet 16, So Little Time etc.), Lizzie Mcguire series, and not forgotten the newly released Harry Potter series by JK Rowling!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen series

Lizzie Mcguire series
 Then I had the chance to be in a boarding school, SM Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah (SERATAS) which people of Taiping recognize as "Sekolah asrama depan zoo tu...". As I can recall, during that period I was so keen into reading Malay novels of 'Love' genre. You know, that transition period when you are about to enter the adolescent world, that kind of immature feeling. The tendency to be attracted to the opposite gender.. So, in search of a love stories, I accidentally came across an Islamic Love story titled "Seindah Mawar Berduri" written by Fatimah Syarha, in a pdf version. That is the turning point where, my whole perspective about a cliche love stories, changed into an understanding of how to love according to what Islam teaches us to. My life changed after that.

And at that time, i was only 14.
Then at the same time, the aprreciation of the community towards islamic love stories became a hit with so many books such as Ayat-ayat Cinta, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih etc by Habiburrahman el Shirazy.
Soon as I grew older, my interests are more towards motivational genre and legal fictions like John Grisham's. Love stories? Less likely. But not a total rejection. Still love Twilight series though.

The Other Side of The Coin by Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran

Hi! I told you, you will see me again here ^_<

As promised, i would like to give a short feedback about this awesome book! (Don't worry, this time I didn't copy paste the description made elsewhere like I did when i was a young girl, eheh. Original from my point of view.)

Well, before I begin, reading a motivational book is not like reading a story book.
It takes time. Yeah, and it took 3 days for me to completely read every words of this book.
Because from every words that you read, it trigger yourself to ponder about the point of view that the authors had written.
Then you started to reflect and adjust it to yourself.
All of them, requires a pausible moment to mesmerize.

I knew about this book from @aimanazlan90 twitter's account. I bought it online via

In the preface, Aiman Azlan wrote that, "The Other Side Of The Coin" offers an alternative perspective into topics such as identity, love, education, community and self-worth. These are only a few essential topics that we need to look into, refine, and do a societal self-reflection on.
Meanwhile, Ameen Misran also wrote that everyone can inspire. You do not need to do everything to please everyone. You just need to know what talent is suitable for you.

They chose the title "The Other Side of The Coin" because it means that with any one way of looking at something in life, there will be a different ways of looking at it.
In a simpler words, we are of different opinions in life. We might agree or disagree with others view, but at least we understand where they are coming from.

I don't really know what is the truth reason, but perhaps because of the borderless information from the media and social network, sometimes we tend to be incline towards an unhealthy mindset. Its not that I'm saying all the media are mostly of bad influence, no. But it is because sometimes we easily get focused on unnecessary things. Then it makes us forget what our true goals to be achieved in life.

Reading this book by far, has actually made me realize and learn to reflect upon myself. The writers are trying to point out that we need to think in a positive way so that we can live in a more meaningful journey. Their way of delivering the message was so captivating and heart-touching. Besides, the beautiful language both writers has been work on was a success (in my personal opinion). In fact, not many youngsters nowadays have the capability or be given the opportunity to deliver inspiration in such a way Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran did.

And ohh.. I love all the poems in this book! The meaning is so deep.. I wish I could share the poems with you here, but I feel all rights are reserved. So, if you are wondering to read the poems, support them by buying one for you okay. :)

Recycle picture from last post.

There's another part I would like to share about this book actually.. Something about life that I've never discussed before. But I will continue later.. Don't forget to get one for yourself okay!

Thank you for reading!
Thank you, you. :)


  1. i love your review. i really really want to buy this book but i've never see this book in POPULAR WANGSA WALK :( i hope that i can get one for myself !

    1. Thank you for reading ^^
      For now you can get it online and have personal signature from aiman azlan.

  2. i have the same opinion about this book too!!! so glad there's someone with the same opinion as me :)