Friday, May 17, 2019

Projek Susu Ibu untuk Bayi Miskin

Projek Susu Ibu untuk Bayi Miskin.

Assalamualaikum, recently I just received news from Hilal Asyraf regarding this project from arbafoundation.
Looking into it, I found it shocking from their research that there are quite a number of unfortunate kids in our country that have stunted growth due to poor nutrition out of poverty.

Alhamdulillah we are now comfortable with our own living styles but sometimes we overlook the one that may not be as lucky as we are. Thinking of this, it drives me to join this fundraising project and spread the news.

So what can we do to contribute?

We can give a donation of RM500 to help one baby for proper breastfeeding. Or,  we can help as low as RM10 to help part of their essentials for feeding. Together, we can share their burdens and help improve them to grow.

As far as we are concern about our family's and children's wellbeing, the same goes to others as well.

So how to contribute? 
Please click the link I shared here for further info.

Let's find the opportunity to clean ourselves in this month of Ramadan.

"Thanking Allah is an act of worship. We thank Allah, it will always benefit us. If you are thankful, Allah will surely increase for you."

If you find this beneficial, please kindly spread the news and share.  Thank you.  :)

Sunday, May 12, 2019

A Story of a Mother

"Bersama-sama kesusahan itu, Allah sediakan kemudahan (jika kamu mengetahuinya)."

Assalamualaikum, dear readers.
Tergerak hati untuk saya kongsikan satu kisah seorang ibu yang saya jumpa semasa bekerja beberapa hari lalu. Hopefully, this story will open doors to our heart towards seeing how big is the Mercy of Allah.

Satu hari semasa saya bekerja di jabatan kecemasan, ditakdirkan saya menerima seorang pesakit yang terlibat dalam kemalangan kecil semasa menunggang motosikal bersama dua orang anaknya.

Si ibu yang berusia lewat 30-an ini hanya mengalami kecederaan ringan di tangan dan kakinya, sementara anak lelaki beliau yang berusia 2 tahun terpaksa dibawa ke dewan pembedahan untuk merawat luka di kepala.

Sementara menamani anaknya di hospital, tiba-tiba ibu mengadu berasa kurang selesa di bahagian perutnya. Lalu beliau dinasihatkan untuk membuat pemeriksaan lebih lanjut.

Dalam kes trauma, salah satu prinsip rawatan untuk memastikan tiada pendarahan atau kecederaan dibahagian abdomen, doktor akan membuat ujian FAST scan melalui ultrasound.

Sebelum melakukan ujian itu, saya memeriksa perut si ibu. Kelihatan seperti ada 'mass' di situ. Lalu saya pun bertanya lebih lanjut kepada ibu tersebut.

"Puan bila kali terakhir datang bulan?"

"Dua tahun lepas, doktor."

"Eh, selalunya period memang tak regular ke, atau puan ambil pil perancang?"

"Saya tak ambil apa-apa pil perancang pun. Tapi sekarang saya masih menyusukan anak bongsu saya. Last saya melahirkan dua tahun lepas."

Dalam hati saya sudah berasa tidak sedap hati. Ish, fibroid ke besar macam ni? Jangan-jangan..

"Puan ada perasan tak perut puan semakin besar atau ada sakit-sakit perut sebelum ni?"

"Tak ada, doktor. Tapi bila saya baring, kadang-kadang ada rasa benda timbul ke sini sekejap-sekejap kat atas."

"Okay, tak pe ibu. Kita scan dulu ye perut."
Saat probe scan diletakkan di bahagian 'mass' tadi, mak datuk! Terbeliak mata aku. Sekali lagi aku bulatkan mata, betul ke apa yang aku nampak ni? Puan nampak tak apa yang saya nampak? *sorry buat ayat suspen.

"Mashaallah puan. Sebenarnya puan mengandung. Cuba tengok ni. Ini kepalanya, yang gerak-gerak tu kaki dan tangannya. Alhamdulillah, itu degupan jantungnya. Nampak kan?"

"Ya, Allah doktor. Sungguh saya tak sedar langsung saya mengandung."
The first thing she asked, "Anak saya selamat ke?"

"Melalui scan, jantungnya masih ada dan berfungsi. Tapi untuk pemeriksaan lanjut, saya perlu rujuk pada doktor bahagian sakit puan untuk keselamatan puan dan kandungan."

"Alhamdulillah, rezeki saya doktor."

Okay, kisah selebihnya dirahsiakan.

Of course question may come to our mind, "Impossible la tak perasan mengandung?"
To be truth, there are quite a lot of occasion woman didn't realise she is pregnant until a certain point.

The point I want to share is, look how amazing aturan Allah is to this mother.
If not because of the accident, she may not know that she is pregnant till now.
And with that difficulty, Allah shows her a gift that she never had imagined she is having - a blessing of a child.

"Allah mengetahui apa yang dikandung oleh setiap perempuan dan apa yang kurang sempurna dalam kandungan itu dan apa yang lebih. Dan segala sesuatu telah ditetapkan ukuran atau nilaiannya  di sisi-Nya." Surah Ar-Ra'd, 13:8.

A child is a blessing.
*Footnote: this is not the scan for this mother.  

p/s: We pray that Allah opens our heart to witness His Blessings and Greatness in every single thing that we do in our daily life. In each experience, there will always something that we can learn. :)
Semoga ibu dan kandungannya sihat, amin.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Pending Decision

Typical place for reading. A coffee and a book. 

As for now, I'm approaching the end of my housemanship year. But still, I dont have the answer to my next career path. I can say I almost love every department that I went through. Don't know which suits me the best. How long should I wait until I confidently say, "Yes, I'm doing this. Bring it on." *sigh, i dont know.

Life is about turning into different roads. Whether you want it or not, you have to face the reality which is placed in front of you.

They say the important thing in life isn't the destination, it's the journey. The challenges you face along the way, the unexpected twists and turns, the disappointments you overcome.  But they're wrong. It's all about the destination. Especially when the destination is your amazing unimaginable heavenly place that is promised from your Creator.

p/s: * Maybe we are the way we are because of the people we are with.
Or maybe we just pick the people we need.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

I'm Still Alive

Assalammualaykum and hi dear readers!
It's been way too long since I wrote an entry in my blog. Looking back, there was not even one entry that I wrote in 2018!
You must have been thinking what on earth do housemanship life did to me, yeah? :O

Frankly speaking, being a houseman is a tremendously challenging phase as a junior doctor. To be able to adapt yourself in a working environment need constant perseverance, patience, and bravery. Not to forget, a fit physical body, mind, emotional, and spiritual values also plays a role in determining how far you can progress in becoming a competent doctor. I'll share with you some of the memorable experiences that I encounter in my HOship journey once I finished all the six postings. I would like to recap everything in one entry (or perhaps in parts) later. So, stay tune okay!

I would like to say thank you for all the feedbacks on my writings. Honestly, I was truly surprised to receive some heart warming comments and emails from anonymous readers. Please, if you feel it's worth sharing, then feel free to do so. By all means, every good words and thoughts came from the inspiration that Allah gave to us. So, keep on spreading the words of love to everyone that may benefits. You will never know how words may change some people's life. I just pray that it will touch your heart in a way that it brings goodness in your life, and not the otherwise. :) 

Welcome 2019.

Yours truly, RNS.