Friday, May 12, 2017

A Temporary Gift by Asmaa Hussein - Book Review

I added sticky notes for quotes to ponder in future.

If I were to quote the sentences from its pages, I would rather be presenting to you the entire of this book. So it is because each word that Asmaa had written in her book has really touched every corner of my heart.

The way she described her struggles of her journey in this world, made me shock and in awe. How could she endure all her pains in such a beautiful manner? This piece of her writings represents how much wisdom Allah provides to her after every difficult affair she faced in her life. She never fails to relate her experiences and her feelings to the surahs from the Quran.

Asmaa also took examples of many stories from the prophets and the earlier people whom Allah tested with difficulty in life. This made me realize, that, every story of the previous people Allah mentioned in the Quran is meant for us to learn from them. The stories taught us to believe that Allah will help us in the same way He helped our predecessors. So, what we read in the Quran are not merely for a storytelling, but for us to understand and know The Mercy of The Almighty to His slaves. It's for us to have faith that Allah always keep His promises.

I am really glad to know Asmaa's writing. Back then, I was in search of an inspiration that may lift up my spirit. Like everyone else, I too had experience in love, loss, and healing. But to me, Asmaa is the example of people whom Allah granted them wisdom through calamities. She wrote it with admiringly excellent poetry that I believe will grab the attention of anyone who ponders upon her lines.

I personally recommend you to read this book once in your life! When we feel that we are burdened with tests that almost unbearable and we are losing in faith, remember that there's always other people whom Allah test them with a heavier tragedy. Why then don't we feel thankful?

"This book is a reminder that beyond the pain and darkness of loss there is still the potential of light in patience and constancy."

Thank you, dear Asmaa Hussein. :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Resepi Daging Dendeng dari Perak


Post kali ni RNS nak kongsi resepi daging dendeng. Asalnya, daging dendeng ni menjadi santapan turun-temurun keluarga diraja Perak. Mula-mula RNS merasa daging dendeng ni hasil air tangan mak saudara sebelah ayah. Memang sedap dagingnya lembut, manis. Kemudiannya, mama RNS belajar cara memasak dan sekarang diturunkan resepinya pada RNS, jadi boleh la kongsi kat sini. Resepi ni dah diubah suai sikit mengikut citarasa kami sekeluarga. Kalau anda google, macam-macam versi resepi ada. Apapun cara masaknya tetap sama. Cumanya, nak memasak daging dendeng ni sedikit 'renyah'. Tapi kalau dah sedap, semua sanggup! :)

Buat kawan-kawan SERATAS dorm F2-1 dan Prima U1 (geng MSU) pastinya dah pernah rasa daging dendeng ni, kan? Berebut meratah. Pada yang mintak resepi tu, minta maaf sangat-sangat lambat respons. Baru sekarang rajin nak update blog. Okay, tak nak celoteh banyak, jom cuba!


Daging bahagian batang pinang 1 kilogram
2 Bawang merah (bawang besar) ditumbuk atau kisar
Cili kering dikisar
Kicap manis
Kicap masin
Secubit asam jawa
Gula dan garam secukup rasa


1. Rebus daging sehingga lembut. Tetapi jangan terlalu empuk (sebab kita nak tumbuk daging. kalau terlalu empuk, semasa tumbuk daging akan jadi hancur). Simpan air rebusan daging. Jangan buang!

2. Hiris daging nipis-nipis. Kemudian, tumbuk setiap hirisan tu. (Ini lah part yang paling 'renyah' tu. Akan berdentum la rumah korang jiran sebelah mendengar tumbuk daging haha.)

3. Gaulkan rata daging yang ditumbuk tadi dengan kicap manis.

4. Goreng daging yang diperap kicap tu sehingga rapuh. Jangan sampai hangus pulak ye! 

Part kuah. Ni paling senang, tak banyak bahan pun:

1. Tumis bawang merah yang dikisar/tumbuk tadi sehingga kekuningan.


2. Masukkan cili kering yang dikisar bersama air rebusan daging tadi.

3. Biarkan sehingga air kering dan cili pecah minyak.

4. Masukkan sedikit air asam jawa.

5. Masukkan kicap manis dan sedikit kicap masin untuk tambah rasa (lebihkan kicap manis). Tambahkan gula dalam 3 sudu besar (bergantung pada banyak mana anda letakkan cili kisar) dan garam secukup rasa.

6. Bila kuah dah hampir kering, masukkan daging yang dah digoreng tadi. Gaulkan sehingga rata beberapa minit, kemudian tutup api. Boleh siap dihidang!

Hidangan daging dendeng ni boleh diratah sahaja, dimakan bersama nasi putih, ketupat, lemang atau roti. :)

Cadangan hidangan lain bersama roti telur

*Nota tambahan: Kalau anda google, ada yang tambah bahan lain seperti serai, bawang putih dan halia. Ikut citarasa sendiri. Resepi yang RNS kongsi ni citarasa keluarga dan hidangan yang biasa RNS masak. :)
Sukatan bahan-bahan lebih kurang seperti dalam gambar. Cukup untuk hidangan 6 orang makan.

Selamat mencuba! Apa-apa boleh komen kat bawah ye. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy Faces on MSU 20th Convocation, MBBS graduands

 My comrades - Dr. Raja, Dr. Fauhan, Dr. Amalina, Dr. Nabihah, Dr. Siti, Dr. Shazni, Dr. Aishah

As I woke up this morning, I noticed the bouquet of flowers that I received on my convocation day has started to become wilt. Despite that, my smartphone continue to get notifications from social networking, most commenting 'Congratulations, DR. RNS!' Aww... How much more happy can I be? Thank you for the warm wishes :P So everyone, please allow us, graduates from MSU to spam your timeline with our happy faces!

This post is actually meant to express my gratitude to everyone that involved in my journey as a medical student. Without them, I may not become who I am today. They are the characters in my story since 5 years duration on the road of becoming a doctor. Of course, like other movies or dramas, there are the main and minor characters that play their own unique and specific role. Each and every one of them, no matter how short they existed in the scene, they are meaningful and of significant value to complete the plot of the story.

They are my beloved parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, lecturers, friends, and acquaintances. Not to forget, all the staffs and patients in Hospital Tuanku Ampuan Rahimah Klang, Hospital Sungai Buloh, Klinik Kesihatan Bandar Botanik Klang and Klinik Kesihatan Shah Alam whom willingly and patiently entertained me as a medical student in my practical years. I may not mention you as an individual here. But know this, you are that someone if you may smile reading this. So.. ring a bell to our memories? :D

Out of words to write here. I am sharing happy moments of me and my friends on our big day (some of which I took from Facebook and Instagram). Let the pictures speak its own language. :)

Pre-convocation and Hippocratic Oath with The Girls

Registration for #MSUconvo20 rehearsal

Hippocratic Oath Ceremony with Dr. Azzra.

Hippocratic Oath ceremony. Front sitters unavoidably. Chit chatting with a doctor from Bangalore.

White coat photoshoot. 

We got lucky this picture was tweeted by @MSUkonvo20.

Now what?

Doctors at your service!

Can't remember what Dr. Siti just said that made me laugh..

Not ready!

I think this was candid for real ^_^ with only Dr. Nabihah ready back there! hehe

Two soul sisters they are.

Soo polite Dr. Fauhan :D

Who are you texting Dr. Shazni? Kuikui

Wink! Wink! 

They both are of same age. But Dr. Fauhan always being the eldest sister to us! :)

Dr. Aishah and her cuteness overload!

Dr. Siti, do you remember the very first time we hold hand in first year? :') 

Holding hands as a symbolic of our friendship. No matter the ups and downs we've been through we are still together.

Convocation Day!!!
Graduands entrance to the MSU Chancellor Hall.

Dr. Amalina was not in the same line.. :((

Now here are my bedside teaching team mates and study buddies. Part of my success in every exams were from their guidance. They are my strength when I'm stressed out during clinicals. I'm sure they will become a good doctor in future. They are strong not because they are alone, but their willingness to help their friends for striving our goals together as a team. Will definitely miss you guys! From left, Dr. Afee, Dr. Faiez, Dr. Aliff, Dr. Fazrin, Dr. Zahra, and Dr. Syuhada.

The only picture with seven of us on our robe on convocation day! I will make a frame of this photo. :)
Gosh they are such an energetic fellows! They just came back home from their Japan trip the day before the rehearsal. Travel buddies they are!

We called ourselves #Ganghingaq. Unfortunately, Dr. Zahra and Dr. Afee can't make it in the photograph. :( Until then okay..

Dr. Wafaa.. you taught me that no one is perfect. And that everyone deserves a second chance and be better from what they used to be. Honestly, I am grateful that we humble ourselves and accept that we both has our own flaws. I pray that you stay healthy and strong in your future journey. Be a good doctor and meet your prince charming when time comes! :P 

Convocation with Beloved Parents and Family

My heart melt that moment I see both of you smile on my convocation. Sayang Mama and ayah.

Family is what Allah chose for you. Thank you mama, ayah, abang, faris and azim for being there and support kakak for soaring our dreams together. This achievement is for us. Congrtulations to my brother too for achieving his Diploma in Accountancy!

Dr. Amalina looking gorgeous with her beloved family.

"Thank you my beloved wife for being there for me through thick and thin. You are not just my partner, you are my lover. You are not just my companion, you are my inspiration. You are not just my wife, you are my life. Thank you sweetheart for everything." ~ Dr. Nor Afee

Dr. Mohd Faiez Imann and his beloved parents.

"My key to heaven." ~ Dr. Sharifah Zahra

"My strength and my weakness. Love you so much mama ayah!" ~ Dr. Siti Khadijah

Dr. Nur Fazrin and her beloved parents.

To my beloved papa and mama, Thank you for telling me what I’m capable of. For giving me the support that I needed to build a dream to chase after. And for believing that I have the talent to reach my goals. Thank you for making me realize that I’m worth everything in this world. Again, a very special thank you goes to my wonderful and supportive parents for their love and support over the years. Without each of you, I’d be nowhere near the person I am and the person I’m still working on becoming. I love u so much, more than anything and everything. 
Your beloved son,
Dr. Nor Afee Loh

"Mum, dad. This degree is for you entirely. I love you so much." ~ Dr. Mohd Aliff Khalid

"Happiness is when your parents said, 'I'm proud of you.'. Little did they know they are the reason why." ~ Dr. Nuraishah

"I could have never came this far without their support and dua'. Thanks my family." ~ Dr. Nur Syuhada

"This degree is definitely for these two." ~Dr. Shazni Mahirah

"No words can describe how important this person is in my life. All of my achievements were due to this woman. Her words and care made me push myself just to prove I can be someone she can be proud of. Lend me your strength and courage to face my future and never stop pouring all your love cause it will be the end for me." ~Dr. Nabihah

"Kesayangan. Thanks for everything." ~ Dr. Fauhan

This would be my tribute to everyone that became part of my success. Before I end this special entry, I would like to thank Management and Science University for honouring me with the degree  Medicine Bachelor And Bachelor of Surgery. I'm proud to be MSUrian and will definitely miss my student life till the end!

Graduands of #MSUkonvo20. I love you MSU!

Budi dan jasamu kan sentiasa di hatiku.
Di sinilah mindaku mula dibina, membawaku ke puncak jaya.
Suka duka di sini, riang gembira.
Kita bagaikan bersaudara.
Kita melalui kenangan indah, kembara ilmu bersejarah.
Terima kasihku atas segala pengorbananmu, Management and Science University...
MSU pilihanku, segala jasamu di hatiku.
Impian cita menjadi nyata.
Cemerlang MSU, terbilang namamu.
MSU pilihanku, kebanggaan semua.

Thank you... Love, Dr. Raja Nor Syamim. :)