Friday, January 1, 2016

Starts of something new 2016

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Hello! I woke up this morning and realized, oh its already 2016! So I decided to reflect and recap what has happened in 2015.

After subuh prayer and a small *conversation with someone, i took my next steps to freshen up, a bit of cleaning, and breakfast. While I was having 'kaya bread' and a mug of hot chocolate, i turned the pages of my diary. I read everything from the beginning of 2015 until the end. My expression was like ... hurmm.. uh.. ohhh.. hahaha ^_^ ... aaaa T_T .. You know, the feeling when you read all sorts of happenings in your life through out the past year. There are happiness, funny moments, excited, and all the sadness that almost forgotten. But because once upon a time, you wrote it there, and suddenly you remember what you have gone through. It's just amazing. :)

What can I conclude from 2015, "Many things have changed without we expected it to be in the beginning." Yeah. Everyone grows, everyone gone through phases in their life, and from there, it's what has made us change into someone. So am I getting better or worse? Only we ourselves can truly answer that.

At first i thought my 2015 was filled with bad memories. But when i flipped through the pages, waa.. there's actually more happy and sweet moments. So, this proves that when we are facing with calamities in our life, we tend to focus more on the problems. That's what made us thrown into depression. Somehow, we often forget that every difficulties is just temporary.

After all, I learnt a lot. Like seriously a lot! I learned how to handle my emotion on such circumstances when you feel like hopeless. Alhamdulillah, may Allah protect us from going astray.

As of today, I want to make a change. I choose to be happy as much as possible. That's what life is. It's about what we choose no matter what happens. I will try not to hold on something too tight nor too loose. Because if I hold it so tightly, and when it suddenly snaps, I'll be forced to repel backward and it'll make harder for me to find my way back to the front. (It's like when you try to stretch a rubber band so forcefully, and when it snaps, your hands will feel the pain.) On the other hand, if I hold on something so loosely, then it means I'm weak and I don't even care. So, let's just be neutral. We humans cannot control everything in this life. It's with the help of Allah. :)

The only thing that I can promise is that I'll never stop praying. Allah know's best. Let's hope for the best ending! :)))


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8th Feb - The victory!

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20th Feb - Simple tapi dalam kelas tersendiri

1st Mac - Basikal

25th Apr - "One view i like to see for a long time"

7th May - 1st meeting

31st May - Food festival

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31st Dec - Hope

Biar berlalu tahun yang penuh memori,
beri pula laluan untuk tahun baru menjengah ke mari.
Langkah demi langkah, sama-sama kita tempuhi,
Inshaallah kita doa 
moga akhirnya
sama-sama sampai ke destinasi
dengan izin Ilahi. 

Selamat datang 2016!

Ultimate goal to achieve this year! 

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Selagi bergelar hamba, pasti akan ada cacat celanya.
Kalau ingin cari kesempurnaan, kita hanya akan jumpa pada sifat Allah.

Apa yang aku minta sekarang ini, agar Allah pertemukan seseorang yang boleh menjadi pelengkap bagi kelemahan diriku. Dan aku juga menjadi pelengkap bagi 
kelemahan dirinya.

Tak perlu aku kejar sesuatu yang belum pasti milikku, kerana aku pasti akan kecewa andai aku tidak dapat apa yang aku harapkan.

Insecurities will always remain. Instead, you will only feel secure when you are whole heartedly put your trust in Allah. Choose Him over something else in this world. No compromise! And He will definitely choose something beautiful for you, more than you can ever imagine. If not in this world, surely it will be in the Akhirah.

I made a mistake. And its Allah who brings me back to the right path. Kadang ada sesuatu yang tak terucap dengan kata, tetapi bisa tergambar melalui mata yang melihat, dan hati yang merasa.

Hanya Tuhan yang tahu.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Feeling thankful

There are times in which you feel deeply in vain BUT the moment tears fall out from your eyes while praying to Allah, all the miserables you feel will be faded away. Because you know, Allah will always be there besides you. You dont even want anyone else to hear you except your own Maker. In fact, He is Most closer than your vein. 
Everything will be fine.. Inshaallah. :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Awal Muharam, a new year

Assalammualaikum wbt..

It's not as easy as I imagined being a final year medical student. To be able to stay in a highly motivated spirit is one of the challenges i need to face. After all, its not always a sunshine in this life. Sometimes you will have to go through the rainy days and storms anyway.

And now i can feel it. This early 2 weeks I have been battling to regain my memory of my clinical knowledge after almost a 2 months school break. It's quite frustating though when you failed to recall what you have learned all this while. But, the worst part is that when you dont know what you have forgotten.

Today, my orthopaedic lecturer asked me, "Syamim, do you still study hard like you used to? I hope you can do better this year, okay." I stumbled upon that statement. Did my teacher sensed I have been quiet during his class? Or did he noticed that I am less able to give response during the question and answer session? Maybe. When i came to look at it, damn its true... I know myself.

Sometimes you have to contemplate yourself in order for you to wake up from your dreamy fairytales. It's the reality that you have to deal with. In a year, Inshaallah I will graduate and become a doctor (*do pray for me). I started thinking that if I am not able to train myself to be competent now, then how am I able to carry the responsibility in the future? As I am near to graduation, the less am I thinking about the title "DR" that will soon become my initials. Trust me, it is not easy to accept that soon I will be held responsbility in dealing with a person's life. It's scary. Seriously. So it's no more about fame that you will become a doctor. It's about how brave, strong and passionate you are to be in this field. There'a a saying, with power comes a great test isn't it?

Today marks the new year in Muslim calendar. And so do i need to renew my intention in seeking the knowledge. It's for the sake of Allah. He is the One that blessed me with the ability to be who I am today. Slowly, I will try my best to correct myself. Find the flaws that I have, and ask Allah to help guide me to be a better person. 
Inshaallah. I will pray for you too as well. Together. I believe that you know what you desire most, right? So let's pray together that Allah will grant what's best for us. Let's not give up till the end. Never stop believing. When you fall down, get up and try again. Someday you will find what you're searching for. Inshaallah.. Amin. :)

 This song.. The words.

p/s:Allah will give the hardest battle to His strongest soldiers. So believe in yourself, remember? :')

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Final Year MBBS

Am finally 5th year medical student. It's going to be a bumpy road now. Full of hardship and stress for final professional exam  becoming a doctor in housemanship. Hope Allah will give me strength. :) 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Resepi Pancake

Assalammualaikum wbt

Entry hari ni RNS nak kongsi resepi pancake yang sangat simple anda boleh cuba!
Kalau ikutkan RNS tak niat pun nak share resepi ni dekat blog, sebabnya I pun search from Pakcik Google je. Tapi disebabkan resepi ni di'touch-up' sikit untuk dapatkan texture and rasa yang berkenan di hati, so I decided to share. Plus, its a request from my cousin to give her the recipe.
*So kak shirah, lepas ni tak payah pi mcD dah okay. Buat kat rumah je and boleh dapat setanding dengan pancake mcD! boleh bagi faiz and fauzan makan :P

Jom tengok bahan-bahannya:

1 biji telur
1/2 sudu besar marjerin yang dimeltedkan (boleh juga diganti dengan butter)
1 cawan susu segar
1 cawan tepung penaik (boleh cari tepung cake naik sendiri)
3 sudu besar gula
1/2 sudu teh garam
1 sudu teh esen vanilla


1. Pukul telur dalam bekas hingga dapat texture fluffy.
2. Masukkan marjerin yang dicairkan ke dalam telur. Pukul sekali lagi.
3. Masukkan susu segar. Kacaukan.
4. Masukkan tepung, gula, garam. Gaulkan sampai sebati.
5. Akhir sekali, masukkan esen vanilla.

Dah siap pun adunan. Then, panaskan non-stick pan atas api sederhana. Tak perlu letak minyak or margerin sebab dalam adunan tadi dah ada, so bila masak pancake tak akan melekat.
Bila pan dah panas, perlahankan api dan letak satu senduk adunan tadi. Biarkan seketika sampai nampak 'bubble', lepas tu alihkan.

Bubble tu akan jadi macam ni. -Gambar ihsan google.

*make sure api perlahan. kalau tak, senang hangit. :P

Dah siap! 

My siblings favorite makan dengan vanilla ice cream!

Tips resepi & hidangan:

1. Boleh makan dengan honey, butter, jem, peanut butter or susu pekat (first time tengok my cousins makan dengan susu pekat macam sedap jugak). Apapun ikut selera and kreativiti sendiri :)

2. Hidangan resepi ni untuk 3 orang makan (boleh dapat dalam 6-7 keping pancake saiz sederhana) . Kalau nak banyak, multiply ratio dia, okay!

3. Awas! Jangan campurkan mentega cair yang masih panas dari kuali dengan susu yang sejuk. Nanti mentega tu boleh jadi berketul.

3. RNS suka guna tepung ni untuk baking sebab texture dia lembut.

Senang je kan sebenarnya, Selamat mencuba! :P

p/s: baru tahu pancake ni memang senang buat..  Boleh comment kalau ada idea resepi lain :)

Friday, September 25, 2015

Aku menjadi saksi

Tarikh: 20 September 2015, Ahad

Dear blog, 

Pada hari ini, Allah mengurniakanku peluang untuk menjadi saksi kepada dua hambaNya, mengikat janji melalui akad pernikahan. Bukannya aku tidak pernah menyaksikannya sebelum ini, tapi kali ini berbeza. Seolah-olah ia memberi ruang untuk aku membuka mata. Untuk aku sedar apakah erti sebenar satu ikatan perkahwinan.

Dalam perjalanan ke masjid pada pagi itu, aku menaiki kereta sepupuku yang baru sahaja menimang cahaya mata sejak 4 bulan yang lalu. Pada mulanya perjalanan begitu tenang. Tak berapa lama kemudian, puteri kecil kesayangan pasangan sepupuku ini mula merengek. Lapar mungkin. Si ibu menyua susu ke mulut comel si kecil. Namun, ditolaknya. Suara tangisannya bertambah kuat. Buat kami satu kereta berasa sedikit gelisah. Dipujuk ibunya, namun serba tidak kena. Jika diikutkan hati, mahu sahaja aku dodoikan si kecil itu. Tapi, melihat wajah ibu muda ini, aku faham dia juga sedang bersabar, dan dia lebih seribu kali mahir memujuk anaknya berbanding aku.
Dari situ, aku sedar tanggungjawab bergelar ibu bapa.

Tiba sahaja di masjid, kelihatannya keluarga sebelah pihak lelaki sudah pun memenuhi di ruang solat menantikan majlis akad. Kedua-dua belah keluarga bersalaman antara satu sama lain. Melihat wajah-wajah ceria yang tidak pernah aku kenal sebelum ini, membuatkan aku sedar. Perkahwinan itu bukannya setakat penyatuan dua hati, tetapi juga penyatuan dua kaum kerabat yang semestinya berbeza latar belakang kehidupan. Maka, kau bukan sahaja harus terima untuk belajar tentang pasanganmu, tetapi juga seluruh ahli keluarga pasanganmu. Baik buruknya, bukan untuk kau jaja, tapi untuk kau kenal dan sama-sama saling melengkapi.

Sebelum pengantin lelaki melafazkan "aku terima nikahnya.." Tok kadi mengingatkan semula pasangan pengantin mengenai apa itu perkahwinan dan apa itu penceraian. Dan aku juga turut mendengar. Diceritakan sedikit mengenai tanggunggjawab khusus untuk si suami apabila diberi amanah untuk menjaga si isteri. Dan juga diceritakan pula apakah tanggungjawab si isteri untuk patuh pada suami. Akhirnya, diingatkan kepada kami semua tentang penceraian. Ya, penceraian itu sesuatu yang dibolehkan di dalam Islam tetapi betapa ianya sesuatu yang paling tidak disukai oleh Allah. Apatah lagi apabila sudah mempunyai anak, maka penceraian itu akan membawa kesan kepada kehidupan mereka. 
Dari situ, aku berdoa agar Allah kurniakan pasangan ini jodoh yang kekal lama hingga ke syurga. Amin.

Setelah selamat dengan sekali lafaz, maka tertulislah nama mereka berdua sebagai pasangan suami dan isteri. Pada waktu itu, aku duduk di belakang pengantin perempuan. Aku terdengar ibunya berkata, "Ingat pesan mama, mulai sekarang apa-apa pun perlu dahulukan suami. Kalau apa-apa jadi kat mama, selagi tak mendapat izin suami, jangan sekali-kali datang jumpa mama. Syurga Syidah sekarang, pada suami." Aku pulak yang tersentuh dengar nasihat tu. Isk2.. T_T

Kesimpulannya, apa yang aku saksikan pada hari ini, sebenarnya satu pengajaran. Apa yang selama ini menjadi persoalan bagiku, buatkan aku tersedar dan muhasabah. Sebelum membuat keputusan untuk berkahwin, fikir sejauh-jauhnya. Apakah benar-benar kau sudah bersedia? Action speaks louder than words. You know yourself. Jangan banding-bandingkan diri dengan orang lain. Berkahwin bukan diukur pada tahap umur, tetapi dikira pada masa yang tepat dalam hidupmu. 

Sibukkan dirimu dengan amanahmu yang utama di waktu ini. Belajar. Graduate. Jadi doktor yang baik. Itu yang utama. Soal jodoh, pada masa ini berdoa sahaja. Kerana itulah kekuatanmu untuk ketika ini. Untuk kala ini. Bukannya itu bermakna kau tidak berusaha, tapi usahamu pada tika ini ialah dalam bentuk doa dan pengharapan kepadaNya. Itu yang kau upaya buat masa ini.  

Bagi aku, biarlah perancangan disusuli dengan persediaan. Maka sahabat sekalian, jangan tanya 'bila'. Tolong. Aku sendiri tak tahu jawapannya. Yang aku tahu, sekarang fasa untuk aku mempersiapkan diri. Kita sama-sama doakan. :)

p/s: Entah dari manalah datang keberanian aku untuk tulis topik ni... -__-  bye. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This Girl Dreams to Be a Writer

Thanks to Him I am able to reflect myself each time I cry for what I don't have. 

One day, a thought came into my mind. Why not I give a try on producing my own manuscript and send it to a publishing company? Who knows, with my small effort it can make a huge contribution to my lifetime? So I have been dreaming to be a writer that may give inspiration to myself and to the people around me. I realize that my silence sometimes teaches me to think more. And I have been always battling to think positively in whatever circumstances I faced in my life. Nevertheless, I do admit that sometimes I stumbled upon negative thoughts that keep on intruding my mind. 

As I have been pondering about myself, I found that I have this habit of jotting down everything that comes in my head. Be it something sad, happy, memorable or inspirational moments that happened in my life; I will always grab a pen and write about it. That is why, I keep myself a diary since i was a little girl.  

Come to think of it, what kind of book that I want to produce? Will it be something that is beneficial to the society or is it just because I want to satisfy myself that I actually owned a book? I will be accountable of all the outcome of my writing. So, in order for it to be a beautiful one, I need to be careful of what I am writing. Thus, before I start making it a reality, there's so much more in myself that i need to change. I hope to be a writer who is knowledgeable an mature enough to share my thoughts in a proper way.   

Everyone has their own potential that are born with them. Somebody might excel in business, while the other became a star in sports. Your friend may be good in photography while you are creative in poetry. I keep remind myself, why would I try to be like someone else? Maybe I just need to focus on what Allah has blessed me with, and make use of what gems that I have in myself. 

There's a saying, "A pen is mightier than swords." Yes, and I couldn't agree more. 

p/s: Can't wait to be in final year.. May Allah help me in keeping with this new spirit. amin. :)


Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My homemade ice cream

Assalammualaikum wbt. 
Come. Let's hear my story. :)

Alkisahnya semalam punya la excited nak buat ice cream dengan air tangan sendiri buat kali kedua. Untuk cubaan kali pertama sebelum ni, memang menjadi sangat-sangat ice cream chocolate nutella! Tak sempat nak ambil gambar sebab semua tak sabar nak merasa. 
Resepi diambil from

Ini rupa sebenar ice cream nutella. Pic from

Setelah mendapat pujian oleh family, memang menambahkan lagi semangat untuk menghasilkan homemade ice cream kali kedua! ^_^

So, RNS pun excited lah ajak mama pergi shopping barang dapur nak memasak di rumah. For the ice cream, i bought dua kotak whipping cream and vochelle dark chocolate. Dark chocolate tu untuk dijadikan flavour ice cream kali ni - vanilla chocolate chips.

Sampai je di rumah, terus unpack barang yang dibeli dan tanpa membuang masa, RNS pun mulakan my kerja dengan sediakan mixer and bahan-bahan lain. Tick tock tick tock...for almost one hour my ice cream pun dah siap and tunggu masa untuk difreezekan for a minimum 4 hours.

4 hours berlalu...

Ok tak pe. Relaks dulu jangan buka lagi ice cream tu. Tunggu another few hours bagi sejuk betul-betul then baru sedap dimakan.. Yumm..

4 hours later..

Yeay! Tak sabarnya nak makan desert!

Macam tak kena je ice cream aku ni.. err

Whyyyyy???!! Kenape tak jadi ni... Aaaaa Mama... Sobs sobs.. Ice cream kali ni tak jadi.. Texture dia xjadi.. Rasa macam cream biasa.. :(((

Kalau anda di tempat RNS sedih tak?? Mesti hampa kannn.. Aduhaii.. Kat mana silapnya entah lah. Setelah di renung-renungkan kembali, maybe RNS silap semasa whipp cream tu. I don't know, sebenarnya time buat kali kedua ni dah rasa tak sedap hati. Rasa macam tak jadi je ice cream kali ni. Nampaknya, gerak hati tu memang betul :(

So i guess.. My second attempt untuk buat ice cream tak menjadi. Sedih betul.. Tapi itu lah lumrah bagi seorang gadis yang baru nak belajar macam RNS ni. Sometimes, we cannot avoid mistakes in our doings. 
Ingat lagi masa RNS zaman sekolah, tersilap masak nasi. Masa tu cuti sekolah. Mama pergi kerja, so i was at home with my brothers. Mama pesan suruh masak nasi untuk lunch. Zaman tu, memang RNS masih baru lagi nak belajar masak nasi. End up, nasi yang dimasak tak kering-kering airnya. 
'Alamak, terlebih air ni! Habislahh... mama marah nanti.! Takkan nak buang pulak nasi ni.'

Soo.. I got solution. Buat bubur je lah macam tu! Hehe.. Then RNS pun tumis bawang merah and bawang putih sampai naik bau. Lepas tu lepaskan bahan tumis tu dalam nasi bubur tadi. I added potatoes, chicken chunk, serbuk lada and garam secukup rasa. 

Bila mama balik je from office, "Siapa masak bubur ni?"
Tak sempat RNS nak bangga diri, tiba-tiba my brother said, "Mama, kakak tak pandai masak nasi! Habis jadi bubur!" I was like... Eeeiii budak ni kann..

My mother responded with a laugh, "iyee?? Hmm tapi pandai jugak idea kakak masak bubur. Nasib baik tak buang nasi tu. Good-good.." Lega. And that little girl pun smiled. :)

Okay pengajarannya di sini:

1. Belajar memasak ni akan ada masanya masakan tak menjadi. Tanyalah siapa pun, and they will say yes. Jadi, memasak is like an adventure where you develop your skills.

2. As a human, we cannot avoid mistakes in our life. However, be positive. Sometimes, our mistakes were meant to create another opportunity yang tak disangka-sangka in our life. (Like my story, kalau tak kerana tersilap masak nasi hari tu, i'll never learn how to make porridge).

3. Never give up after one failure. Jadikan kegagalan sebagai satu petunjuk untuk kita tidak mengulanginya masa akan datang. Or perhaps, ia sebagai satu cerita teladan untuk dikongsikan dengan anak cucu nanti. Betul jugak kan..

4. Pengajaran terakhir! Kalau nak makan ice cream sangat, beli je lah! Habis cerita..

Ini baru lah ice cream sebenar, tahu! :))

Bukan ramai tau orang yang share resepi 'tak jadi' ni. hahaha. Anda dikira beruntung baca blog TGS ni supaya next time kalau nak cuba, you know you made a mistake kalau jadi macam my experience.

Okay bye.. Tu je nak cerita. Thank you for reading my entry! See you again inshaallah :) 

p/s: tersenyum bila dengar cerita mimpi tu. Nasib baik pandai masak bubur :)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Of 10th and 27th Aug


I see that a fragrance is one of the most special gift to someone because the scent that it gives out is able to plant a powerful memory in your mind.

It may remains in your cognitive area of the brain for a long time in such that one day, when you come to reinhale the droplets of the fragrance, your brain will start to picture out everything that is related to the perfume - the time, the event, the person, the place.. just everything! You will memorised the history that you was once gifted to.. Isn't it sweet? :')

No words can describe such a feeling.
Thank you. :))

p/s: so kalau nak orang ingat kita, boleh bagi perfume kat dia. ^_<