Monday, September 29, 2014

Review buku The Other Side Of The Coin

This is the book. Scroll down and you will again find this picture later.

Do you still remember that project, in which a student with the most number of books he/she read will then be awarded with cool prizes? I remember when i was in a primary school, I copied the description from the back of a certain storybooks just for the purpose of completing my 'Projek Nilam'. At that time, I've never thought that my teacher will know that I actually copied the synopsis (although in reality i didn't even read that book hehe). But now that I've grown up, I guess, I can obviously detect whether this student has read the book or just copy pasta  paste to increase her number of readings! I laughed at myself considering how silly I am at that age! ^_^

The fact that I love reading started when i was in Standard 3. That's because I was surrounded with my little Convent girls, whom will always brought their Enid Blyton series to school, in order to exchange books among us.

My addiction when i was in primary school

By time, when we were reaching Standard 5 & 6, everyone has changed their book of interests from a merely childrens's stories, into a more girlish stories such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Series (being the most famous are - Two of a kind diaries, Sweet 16, So Little Time etc.), Lizzie Mcguire series, and not forgotten the newly released Harry Potter series by JK Rowling!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen series

Lizzie Mcguire series
 Then I had the chance to be in a boarding school, SM Sains Raja Tun Azlan Shah (SERATAS) which people of Taiping recognize as "Sekolah asrama depan zoo tu...". As I can recall, during that period I was so keen into reading Malay novels of 'Love' genre. You know, that transition period when you are about to enter the adolescent world, that kind of immature feeling. The tendency to be attracted to the opposite gender.. So, in search of a love stories, I accidentally came across an Islamic Love story titled "Seindah Mawar Berduri" written by Fatimah Syarha, in a pdf version. That is the turning point where, my whole perspective about a cliche love stories, changed into an understanding of how to love according to what Islam teaches us to. My life changed after that.

And at that time, i was only 14.
Then at the same time, the aprreciation of the community towards islamic love stories became a hit with so many books such as Ayat-ayat Cinta, Ketika Cinta Bertasbih etc by Habiburrahman el Shirazy.
Soon as I grew older, my interests are more towards motivational genre and legal fictions like John Grisham's. Love stories? Less likely. But not a total rejection. Still love Twilight series though.

The Other Side of The Coin by Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran

Hi! I told you, you will see me again here ^_<

As promised, i would like to give a short feedback about this awesome book! (Don't worry, this time I didn't copy paste the description made elsewhere like I did when i was a young girl, eheh. Original from my point of view.)

Well, before I begin, reading a motivational book is not like reading a story book.
It takes time. Yeah, and it took 3 days for me to completely read every words of this book.
Because from every words that you read, it trigger yourself to ponder about the point of view that the authors had written.
Then you started to reflect and adjust it to yourself.
All of them, requires a pausible moment to mesmerize.

I knew about this book from @aimanazlan90 twitter's account. I bought it online via

In the preface, Aiman Azlan wrote that, "The Other Side Of The Coin" offers an alternative perspective into topics such as identity, love, education, community and self-worth. These are only a few essential topics that we need to look into, refine, and do a societal self-reflection on.
Meanwhile, Ameen Misran also wrote that everyone can inspire. You do not need to do everything to please everyone. You just need to know what talent is suitable for you.

They chose the title "The Other Side of The Coin" because it means that with any one way of looking at something in life, there will be a different ways of looking at it.
In a simpler words, we are of different opinions in life. We might agree or disagree with others view, but at least we understand where they are coming from.

I don't really know what is the truth reason, but perhaps because of the borderless information from the media and social network, sometimes we tend to be incline towards an unhealthy mindset. Its not that I'm saying all the media are mostly of bad influence, no. But it is because sometimes we easily get focused on unnecessary things. Then it makes us forget what our true goals to be achieved in life.

Reading this book by far, has actually made me realize and learn to reflect upon myself. The writers are trying to point out that we need to think in a positive way so that we can live in a more meaningful journey. Their way of delivering the message was so captivating and heart-touching. Besides, the beautiful language both writers has been work on was a success (in my personal opinion). In fact, not many youngsters nowadays have the capability or be given the opportunity to deliver inspiration in such a way Aiman Azlan and Ameen Misran did.

And ohh.. I love all the poems in this book! The meaning is so deep.. I wish I could share the poems with you here, but I feel all rights are reserved. So, if you are wondering to read the poems, support them by buying one for you okay. :)

Recycle picture from last post.

There's another part I would like to share about this book actually.. Something about life that I've never discussed before. But I will continue later.. Don't forget to get one for yourself okay!

Thank you for reading!
Thank you, you. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014


"Dan kerana Tuhanmu, bersabarlah."
~surah al-Muddasir, ayat 7 (74:7)

Allah, aku mohon teguhkanlah hati,
TanpaMu aku tak daya.
Kerana sungguh,
untuk melaksanakan,
lebih sukar dari sekadar lisan.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Traveller in My Own Journey

Assalammualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh dear readers..! How are you there? Hope you will always be fine, Inshaallah! ^_<

Hari ni RNS update blog, tapi tak nak formal2 sangat la. Ini cerita dari hati..

Cerita about me as a traveller. Traveller in other people's world. 'Other people's world? Why?'

Before I start, ni nak kongsikan dengan pembaca semua to get one for yourself a book titled "The Other Side of The Coin" karya Aiman Azlan dan Ameen Misran. 
Buku ni baru je diterbitkan pada bulan ni, September 2014 oleh Puteh Press. Seronok sangat dapat peluang menjadi pembaca terawal buku ni!

 To those yang biasa melawat blog &, anda mesti kenal dengan dua orang penulis muda ni kan? Dulu RNS tahu sikit2 je about them. But after ada seseorang yang kerap kali mengambil contoh dan menceritakan kehidupan Aiman Azlan kepada RNS, terpanggil pulak untuk baca lagi penulisan-penulisannya. Yeah... memang banyak terinspirasi daripada mereka. And I'm glad to learn from their point of view.

Actually buku ni baru je sampai tengah hari tadi sebelum RNS menulis post kali ni. I bought it online via (rasanya buku ni belum dipasarkan di bookstore lagi kot).
For a motivational-theme book, boleh dikatakan tebal jugak la buku ni, 311 pages. Baru sempat baca preface je, dah boleh bayang what it will be like to read the entire story of this book! Terpana dengan penyusunan kata-kata daripada penulis. :)

Earlier, what i meant about 'Traveller in other people's world' tu, is that I love reading. Especially motivational books. Through reading, I get to know about other people's perspective in their life. Kadang-kadang melalui pembacaan ni, RNS dapat sumber inspirasi untuk berfikir cara yang lebih matang and to be positive-minded. I always struggle in finding ways to get rid of my negativity! Because for me, being in a negative state of mind will always make us feel burden, penat and sedih kan? Kita semua melaluinya dalam kehidupan, kan? Tak seorang pun terlepas. Cuma yang membezakan, bagaimana setiap seorang daripada kita mengawal emosi berpandukan akal yang dikurniakan Allah kepada kita. From there, we choose and explore our way..

Hasrat di hati untuk menjadi penulis buku suatu hari nanti... boleh ke?

Inshaallah I will make a review about buku tu nanti ye!
Thanks for reading this short entry! 

p/s: heard the news.. Allah.. be strong ya. May Allah fills your heart with contentment all the time. :")

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saat Pertama

sejak saat pertama kau bertemu diriku,
ada apa di dalam fikiranmu?
kerana rasamu kuat sungguh merengkuhku.

sejak saat pertama kau bertemu diriku,
ada apa di dalam hatimu?
kerana jauhnya terasa dekat untukku.

sejak saat pertama kau bertemu diriku,
ada apa di dalam doamu?
kerana Tuhan mahu aku bersungguh.

tiada apa yang aku tahu kecuali satu,
kau telah jatuh untukku,
tetapi bukan di tanganku.

Terjumpa puisi ni oleh Taufiq Azhar. Follow him on instagram for more of his poems @tulangkata.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ample Time to Sit Back and Reflect


All praises to Allah for all the blessings He has showered upon us.

Sometimes when we sacrifice something in our life for the sake of pleasing Allah, we will definitely find goodness in all our doings. Although at first it may seems difficult and painful for us to endure, in the end Allah will definitely replace us with something more pleasure than we had ever imagined.

But in order to gain that, of course it requires patience, dua's and tawakkal to Allah.

Patience is when we try our best to control our emotions in all circumstances despite the intense feeling of wanting to fulfill all our desires. While the dua's, is a sign that we are indeed have nothing in possession except that everything we gained, is by the Mercy of Allah. So, to Him we seek for help and guidance. After patience and dua's, then there is tawakkal. Tawakkal is where we put trust in our own maker that He definitely will take care of us. As Allah already mentioned in Al-Quran;
" إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُتَوَكِّلِينَ ...."
....Indeed, Allah loves those who trust in Him. Al-Quran [3:159]

I may not be someone who is pious nor am I a scholar of Islamic studies, but I believe, and will try my very best effort in becoming a better Muslimah and spread the knowledge of Islam that I have. All of which in the will of Allah. Inshaallah. :)

After one day that we have come to a decision, I came to realize that we actually now have ample time to sit back and reflect ourselves. Reflect what is good and bad in ourselves. The goods are that to be maintained; and the bads that require corrections for a better one. And, the time for us be mature enough in seeing things in our life. May Allah guide us. :)

One thing for sure, whatever the outcome is, have faith that it is indeed as what to Allah has plan for us from the very beginning. May serenity and tranquility fills our heart with 'nur' from the Almighty. Don't worry.. Always remember Him, and we will feel the calmness. Inshaallah, we are now in the right track.

Focus in our goals that come first - for our parents especially. Then there will come the right time for us to complete our deen, Inshaallah. :')

Thank you will be our always...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reflecting the memories of 3rd year med school

'Bismillahirrahmanirrahim...' lafaznya sambil menyarungkan whitecoat. Dipastikan tanda namanya tersemat di poket kot putihnya, 'Raja Azureen', International Medical School.
Saat itu debar di hati Azureen hanya Tuhan sahaja yang tahu. Dicubanya sedaya upaya untuk berpenampilan tenang dan profesional. Langkah diteruskan menuju ke bangunan berwarna pink yang menempatkan wad pesakit.

"Assalammualaikum, selamat pagi doktor." Sapa salah seorang pakcik berusia 60-an yang sedang lalu bertentang arah dengannya.
 "Walaikumsalam, pakcik." Azureen menjawab sambil menguntum senyuman manis kepada pakcik yang dirasakannya baru mendapat rawatan di hospital ini.

'Pakcik tu panggil aku doktor?? Ak baru nak start first day praktikal 3rd year kat sini. Saya belum doktor lagi la pakcik,' bisik hati kecil Azureen sambil tersenyum. Itulah pertama kali dia dipanggil 'doktor'. Baginya, panggilan 'doktor' itu membuahkan satu perasaan lain untuk dirinya. Terasa rendah diri dengan panggilan itu memandangkan dia masih lagi seorang pelajar perubatan.


Okay cut! cut!
Cukup la tu RNS oi.. Berangan pulak nak buat cerpen kan.. haha (ni penangan daripada baca buku DIAgnosis la ni ehehe)

BUKU WAJIB BACA no matter what!

Hai Assalammualaikum dear my blog readers! Hai 'encik T' :)
Seperti yang dijanjikan, RNS akan kembali menulis selepas habis menduduki peperiksaan akhir teori tahun 3. Rasa susah pulak sekarang ni nak perah otak menulis. Lama sangat dah tak menulis di blog TGS ni.

Pembukaan di atas tu sebenarnya bertujuan untuk berkongsi bagaimana perasaan RNS sewaktu mula-mula berpraktikal di HTAR. Saja je nak buat ala-ala storyline, last-last sekerat jalan sebab ketandusan idea. Kalau nak diimbaskan semula, memang panjang sangatlah ceritanya. Setiap kenangan pahit dan manis yang dilalui RNS dan kawan-kawan seperjuangan kini sudah berubah menjadi 'Memori di tahun 3'. Inshaallah Oktober ni, RNS akan mula melangkah ke tahun 4. Which means i have two more years to complete my studies.. oh maii! Masa berlalu begitu pantas sampaikan macam tak percaya I dah 'dewasa' sebenarnya.. >_<

Okay kembali kepada tujuan post ni. Sebenarnya ada junior yang tanya RNS pengalaman di clinical years ni. Apa persediaan sebelum masuk 3rd year kak? Boleh cerita sikit?

Heee.. boleh-boleh. No 'problemo' dear!

1. Refresh Motivasi dalam Diri

Surgery rotation : Clinical skill Lab
Perkara yang paling utama sekali is to gather back all your inner strength and motivation like you used to when you first become a freshie in medical school. Ingat tak lagi perasaan masa week orientasi dulu? Sure semangat berkobar-kobar kann..! Masa tu kita belum nampak dan merasai lagi cabaran dan kepayahan semasa belajar medik. That's why boleh kata time tu adalah puncak fikiran positif kita. Sama juga bila dah masuk tahun klinikal, kita kena perbaharui semangat yang ada. Semangat dan rasa yakin pada diri itulah tunjang untuk mendorong diri kita kuat dan teguh menghadapi apa jua cabaran yang menyusul di hadapan. Persoalannya, macam mana nak dapatkan semangat dan keyakinan diri tu? Jawapannya.. Doa, doa, doa, doa. Kerana sesungguhnya hanya dengan mengingati Pencipta kita, hati menjadi tenang. Kita semua ni sifatnya lemah dik.. lalu daripada siapa lagi kita nak minta kekuatan kalau bukan dari zat Yang Maha Berkuasa kan?

2. Know that your style of studying is going to be a huge different now

Paediatrics rotation
Cara belajar di tahun klinikal ni sangat berbeza kalau nak dibandingkan dengan cara kita belajar di tahun 1 & 2. At one time, kita akan rasa seolah-olah masa begitu suntuk untuk betul-betul spent time masa dengan buku (sebenarnya ada je masa, cuma kena organize properly). Kenapa RNS kata macam tu? Nanti bila dah dapat jadual klinikal, korang akan tahu. Most of clerking and bedside teaching session ialah pada waktu pagi sampai tengah hari. Meaning that you are compulsory to be in the hospital during that time. Di sebelah petangnya pulak, usually akan ada kelas lectures/tutorial/seminar di kampus. Oh maknanya kena ulang-alik from hospital to campus everyday? YES, no doubt!
In general, kelas di campus akan habis dalam pukul 5 petang or paling lewat 6 petang. So, boleh bayang tak keadaan diri macam mana bila dah balik rumah? Lembikk... katil je yang tercari-cari waktu tu. Gunakan masa yang ada sebelum maghrib tu untuk rest, makan, siap-siapkan diri lipat kain baju ke apa.. Then bila malam datang (biasanya after Isyak) reservekan masa tu untuk studying time. Recapture balik things u have learnt in the hospital with the patients and at the same time prepare for topics untuk lecture/tutorial esok. Its okay, at first mungkin kita rasa susah nak handle. But believe me, by time kita akan adapt to it. :)

3. Developing your soft skill

Medicine rotation
Being a 3rd year clinical student, memang perlukan kesungguhan diri sendiri untuk cari kemahiran soft skill. Soft skill ni dari segi pembawakan diri kita apabila berhadapan dengan masyarakat di hospital terutamanya. You will learn the difficulty to first approach the patient. Kita akan jumpa bermacam-macam ragam manusia. This is the first step for us to learn being humble with people eventhough sometimes we received the opposite. RNS ingat lagi sewaktu posting Medicine, ada seorang ahli keluarga yang meledak kemarahannya dalam ward sehinggakan pandangan mata orang sekeliling tertumpu ke arah kami. Tetapi Alhamdulillah dengan budi bicara yang lembut, akhirnya emosi pakcik tu mampu terkawal juga. Pengajarannya, adakala kita perlu faham dan cuba meletakkan diri kita di tempat orang yang sedang menerima ujian kesusahan. Peranan kita untuk membantu seboleh yang mampu.

4. Apa yang kita belajar mungkin tak sama dengan kawan kita

Paediatrics rotation : Project Child Development
Maksudnya di sini, kita belajar melalui pengalaman yang berbeza semasa di hospital. Apa yang kita lalui takkan sama situasinya dengan kawan kita yang lain. Kadang-kadang ada masa kita selalu kena marah dengan doktor, sedangkan kawan kita yang lain selalu dapat bantuan dan layanan baik daripada doktor HO or nurses. Semasa end of posting (EOP) exam pulak, mungkin kita lulus sebab dapat case yang senang sedangkan kawan kita ada yang bertarung menghadapi case yang susah. Kita tak boleh buat conclusion about our performance based on one exam je. But it requires a long process to evaluate ourselves. Satu lagi, kita akan mula nampak perbezaan diri kita semasa pre-clinical years dulu. RNS nampak ramai kawan-kawan sekelas RNS yang hebat-hebat semasa clinical. Ada yang pandai dan cepat dalam buat diagnosis meskipun dulunya underground je time year 1 and year 2. Ada jugak jenis yang senang je approach patient. Boleh kata jarang kena tolak from being examined.
Apa pun yang penting, kita sama-sama share our knowledge with our friends. Dari situ kita belajar. :)

5. Teamwork!

Surgery rotation : Oncall di unit kecemasan
Ini sangat-sangatlah penting dalam menyumbang kejayaan kita! I can say, if the team is strong and united, all the members will succeed together to the end. Sepanjang life kita as a medical student di hospital, kawan-kawan memainkan peranan yang sangat penting dalam hidup kita. Bila kita jatuh, kawan-kawan lah yang sedia hulurkan tangan untuk membantu kita. RNS ingat lagi time presentation semasa bedside teaching (BST), kawan-kawan yang banyak membantu and beri semangat. Tanpa diorang, tak mungkin RNS sekuat ini. Terima kasihhhh semua! Harap next year dapat sama-sama lagi :)

Setakat ni dulu rasanya perkongsian kali ni.. Good luck my friends yang meneruskan perjuangan! Inshaallah kita sama-sama masuk year 4 sama-sama. Have faith dear, friends. Allah is with us. :)

Obstetric & Gynaecology rotation


 p/s : "Raja Azureen" tu nama on the list sebelum nama sebenar RNS diberikan. :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

UiTM di Hatiku

Awww terjumpa my tasks diary when i was in Uitm Puncak Alam pursuing Asasi sains...

Bila baca balik penulisan-penulisan dalam buku ni, I realized how much i've grownup! 

Kalau dulu, menyimpan angan-angan untuk further medic. Yet at that time, my self-confidence was always up and down like a person climbing on a mountain, and going up and down, again-and-again.

Its amazing though when i ponder back my dreams, everything was set in a line, and now yeap, i'm a medical student. Next, will i become a doctor? ~Inshaallah.

Its not a waste of time if you keep a diary to yourself. Sometimes when u are writing, you make dua at the same time. Later in future, you flip back your diaries, you will then realize how much those duas have been granted by Allah. Like soo much! All praise to Allah. Keep doa in whatever we wish for, and Allah will surely grant us! Amin. ♥

p/s: pernah berselisih x agaknya dkt kampus dulu? 


"May the foundation is not built on sins." 

~Together have faith.