Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hidden Gems In Every Tests

*Tralala. He hears you, He answers you.

When we lose something, we will feel sad. Of course. No matter how strong we think we are, we all have this natural emotion of grief. Hey, everyone does a moment of sorrow, brokenhearted. Something that causes great unhappiness. And, we all do cry sometimes.

 Nevertheless, along with that, we have this little feeling in our heart to stand against this sad emotion. That is patience. But, not many people has the strong will to have patience overcoming their sadness. Each of us has a different level of patience. Depending on how we believe it in our heart. And, that patience will never grow unless it is being tested. The same principle as when we are playing games. The higher the level it becomes, the more difficult it is to pass. The one with the top scorer bears the highest rank.

So do us in our life. As we ages, we find that the calamities become harder. Responsibilities become heavier. Life can be even more challenging than it has ever been. But know this, of people who succeeds, are the one who has patience in their heart. 

Maybe, this is the way Allah grant our prayers. Remember? All this while, we've been praying to Allah so that He protect us from the wrong path. That is what we mention in our 5 times a day prayers. The meaning of Surah Al-Fatihah. I pray that may Allah bring us goodness, Imaan, and taqwa.

We need time. To live our life. Day by day, I believe we will realize what we actually feel deep down our heart. Is it a pure sincerity or is it only a form of attachment? It will surely reveal itself one day. Only if we seek and reflect. May Allah guide us in seeing things the right way.

Whatever tests Allah have made us go through, it was never ever meant to damage us. Exalted Him, He is the All-Knowing. Trust in our Creator. He created us beautifully and perfected us the way it should be.

We should feel thankful to Allah for everything that He bestowed upon us. Nothing is meant to harm us. It's just that, the way we see it all this while, that has made us feel bad about ourselves. For, in fact, the truth is, Allah definitely save something which is far better beyond our expectations.

Inshaallah.. I will get through this. You will get through this too, I know. If it was meant to be from the very beginning, it will be. May Allah open our doors. Amin. :)

The thing we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not in the way we always expect. -Luna Lovegood, Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix.

p/s: Have you read the trilogy?