Thursday, June 28, 2012

Allah Maha Menepati Janji

Mata dilarikan selaju-lajunya melihat list nama. Di manakah aku??
Berani kah aku melihat keputusannya?

Itu saja yang pertama terbenak di hati sambil senyuman terukir manis..
Roommate kesayangan ku justeru datang memeluk ku seeratnya.
Terpana. Kerana sungguh ini bukan sesuatu yang ku sangka.

Biar cita-cita itu setinggi-tinggi mungkin meskipun kita tidak tahu apakah kesudahannya.

Aku usaha dengan selemah-lemah daya seorang hamba dan selebihnya kepada Allah jua aku serahkan segalanya. Allah Maha Lembut dan Dia amat sayang pada hambanya yang bertawakal.

Dan hari ini adalah saat aku benar-benar sedar bahawa Allah itu pasti akan menepati janjiNya. Dan aku akan ingat firmannya ini sepanjang hayatku. =)

Thank you Allah!

p/s: aku juga tahu ada keberkatan seseorang yang sentiasa mendoakanku.. =)

Di masa hadapan pula,
Masih mampu lagikah aku mencapainya? Sikit lagi.. InsyaAllah.

Friday, June 8, 2012

First Community Medical Checkup- First day

My teammates. We are all first year med student.
Alhamdulillah I got the chance to perform a community medical checkup in my first year of medical school. I am one of the committee that handle Medical Science Club booth during MSU's Convocation this time.   It was a very meaningful experience though. 
At first I lack confidence to actually approach the community of my campus and do a med checkup on them. But soon I realized that Allah has given me this opportunity to develop my own soft skills. After all, we could not learn these skills from book but through practice.

2 tasks that I've done; taking Body Mass Index (BMI) and Blood Pressure (BP).
Although it seems an easy job, it actually requires your confident to interact with the subject when they ask you questions. For example, as a medical personnel I should know the normal range of BMI and BP. The most ideal BMI is in the range of 18 to <25. So you have to explain the clinical relations about this number to the subject.
As for blood pressure taking, quite a number of individual asks me whether they are prone to any kind of unhealthy condition if their BP almost above the normal range.What do you expect to answer them if you lack of confidence? Sometimes theoretically we manage to answer them straight. But in reality, it is not that easy to accomplish. Your mind might manipulate the condition. If you are in the state of nervous, your brain cannot direct a well and smooth outcome of decision. 
So keep in mind, we are what we are thinking!

InsyaAllah on next  Sunday morning i'll try blood test for  blood grouping, blood haemoglobin and blood glucose. :)

Discussion on determining the blood group test.
Always smile when meeting people. Its Sunnah! =)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Respons to Medical Entrance Test (MET) MSU - Tips

Assalammualaikum wbt and greetings!

Post kali ni RNS nak menjawab persoalan my bakal-bakal junior MBBS di MSU. Ramai pulak yang send me emails and comments about tips nak sit MET and interview.
First of all, thank you for spending your time reading my entries. Secondly, I congratulate you because you have chosen to pursue in medical field! Hope this is really your own choice of study. If not, please sit back and think again. Talk to your parents. Is this what you really want to do? Sincerely?
Not everyone have the chance to enter medical school after all. :)

Okay RNS tak nak la guna ayat-ayat skema sangat. So, assume as i'm talking to you in personal okay.

3 Frequently asked questions:

1. Macam mana nak prepare for MET? What subjects i have to revise?

Answer: 4 subjects. Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

2. Topics?

Answer: Clearly everything basic sciences yang you all dah belajar sepanjang matrik, asasi, or diploma in science. I could not recall all but one thing i know bio yang senang selalunya. Basic knowledge macam cells and its organelles, types of nutritions like macromolecules and stuff. Maths pulak banyak algebra. Chemistry hmm try to look on organic molecules. Physics the common one acceleration, velocity, forces.
To sum up, u dont have to go really deep into all these subjects. MET is just to test that you have sciences background and crirtical thinking. But remember dont take things for granted. Sekarang ramai orang yang pandai-pandai. You are living in a very competitive world now.

3. Interview? What to expect from interviewer?

Answer: Inilah soalan yang paling subjektif nak jawab. Mesti you all dah try google cara-cara nak menghadapi interview kan? if yes, then go ahead with the preparation. RNS bukanlah bagus sangat nak bagi2 tips ni but i can only share with you based on my past experience je lah.

Okay, so far in my life i've faced 2 interviews je. The first one is for scholarhip Pengajian Ijazah Luar Negara (PILN) perubatan JPA. Second is to enter medic MSU. In my case, for both interview soalan from interviewer lebih kurang je. Soalan yang RNS dapat:
"Tell me about yourself."
"What achievements you had in school days? Co-curriculum activities?"
"WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A DOCTOR?" --> Inilah soalan yang interviewer paling suka tanya!
"Why doctor? Not accountancy?" --> soalan ni RNS dapat waktu interview JPA. Diorang tanya sebab my family background semuanya related to banking areas. And yet i'm choosing medic.
 "What do you expect from IMS (international medical school MSU) in your future?"
Korang tak payah pening-pening fikir interviewer akan tanya tentang theory subjek yang korang belajar. Ikut nasib la. Selalunya interviewer ni nak cari how far your personalities show that you are interested in pursuing medicine. Be honest to every questions that they ask. Kalau x tahu, jawab je tak tahu! Tapi pandai2 la buat ayat. Its better to be honest daripada korang mengelabah tak tentu pasal waktu session tu kan. Last but not least, kalau boleh tanya la satu soalan kat interviewer tu. Apa2 pun jadilah. Tujuannya nak show that you are very determined for your application. Contoh, "Prof/Dr, If i may, can i ask you a question?" For sure interviewer akan teruja punya nak jawab. "Yes, of course you may."
"What are the chances for me to be accepted in this programme?" (soalan ni yg RNS tanya sebab i want to know how far i've progressed in this interview. At the same time sengaja nak tunjuk betapa I'm very keen to enter medicine.)

Before I end my writing, nasihat untuk you. Please try to be as calm as possible BEFORE and DURING the interview. . And remember to just be yourself okay! InsyaAllah dipermudahkan. For my muslim brothers or sisters, please baca doa ni Doa Mudah Berbicara sebelum exam or interview. Moga anda dapat apa yang anda inginkan. I wish you best of luck dear! Semoga kita berjumpa di kampus nanti. Give me feedback kalau dapat nanti ye!^_^

Anymore doubts you can always leave me a comment or follow me in twitter. :) Thank you.

This entry is my response to my medical entry test (MET) and interview.

Nasihat al-Habib Ali al-Jufri kepada remaja - YouTube

Setiap kali mendengar firman Allah ini, setiap kali itu jugalah aku berasa malu dengan dosa-dosaku. Menitis jua air mata.
Moga perkongsian kali ni membawa kebaikan untuk semua.