Tuesday, September 20, 2011

OA what happen to my heArt?

Help! Help! Something is not right is happening in my heart. This is not normal to me! 

Oh Allah (OA)! 
I fall in love with one owner of a blog..
I love the writings..
The words were all written with beautiful language..
The thoughts of the mind are always full of knowledge
yes knowledge of fardu' ain and fardu' kifayah..
The words look very humble
yet full of humors and surprises..
I love reading the entries..
It drives me to get to know the life story of the owner..
I became loyal to the site..
Every time I sign in to blogger
I will always seek for the update from that blog..
My heart blooming as flowers from the spring
Who is this person you are showing to me ALLAH?
As if there's something about this blogger that attracts me
although I never knew this very mysterious person in the real world. 

p/s: don't mind about this post.. RNS already became a weirdo!

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