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We Are in Some Way Different From Others

Saturday, 22/9/2012

Assalammualaikum wbt..

A warm greeting i bid to you, my lovely readers! I just arrived from Kuala Lumpur this evening when I suddenly thought to write a post on my TGS blog. I bought my second year medical textbooks today and the thickness of the books are quite surprising! Even so, I love reading. That happens not to be a big deal for me though. And i'm very much happy! ^_^

Okay back to my intention.

Recently, quite a number of my blog readers and my high school junior e-mailed and gave feedback to me on the same topic, "Tips to study."

"dgn hati ikhlas nk mntk tlg ttg tips n selok belok mnjd stdnt mbbs cmerlang. Harap RNS dpt mmbantu sy."
"Kak syamim, nak minta tips boleh? Mcm mana nak manage masa nak study ngan wat hmwrk? Lg dkt exam lg byk hmwork. Nak study pun xsmpat."
This is not one of my properties.

Honestly, I'm touched reading all those e-mails. They are worried about their studies, thinking that they may not be able to perform well in exams and so forth. I actually think that their concern reflects on how serious they are in studies. That's a good sign isn't it? But what should I tell them? I'm not that good at giving advices as I am also a student who always lacks in many areas. However, leaving them with unanswered questions will just make me  feel uncomfortable.

Then I began to think, instead of truely "giving advices", it might be helpful if I just share what I am practising in my studies. You can review my previous topics here Sitemap of my Blog.

All this while, I am happy with the way I am studying. I feel comfortable and enjoy it myself (although there are certain subjects that sometimes do not interests me to the fullest). I've never tried to really force myself following others to stay up late at night or reading books all the time even while having lunch. Because one thing that i know about myself; I CANNOT burn the midnight oil! 11.00 pm is my time to go to bed and start hoping for a sweet dreams (seriously am i so called a medical student? -___-). And sometimes when i exceeded the time clock, my housemates start noticing! They're always there to remind me, "Eh Syamim, dah pukul 11 malam ni. Tak nak tido lagi ke? Goodnight!" Haha.. nice being with them.

I am really impressed towards my friends who always put hardwork during night time. And, some of them have even a short time to sleep. They still can do it! Amazing isn't it?

The point that i'm trying to put forward is that we are in some ways different from others. The problem is, do we even know about ourselves? Do you really know who you are? Find it! The answer rely on yourself. No one does. Its hurt trying to be alike to 'somebody'. Because if you do, in actual life you are trying to kill that special 'something' inside you which you were born with. If you found the answer, try to fix it. Like for example, how am i going to do this thing right in my own way? Cool isn't it?

To my Muslim brothers and sisters, do you still remember what Allah's verse in al-Quran about we are different from each other so that we may get to know each other? Of course, remember not to neglect that we have the same one 'akidah' that is worshipping only Allah swt.

Before I end my words, forgive me if some of my writings do hurt you in any way. This has nothing to do with describing any bitter side of anyone of you, readers. Please correct me if i'm wrong because I am A Student Who Always Seek Knowledge as you are too! ^_^ ♡♥♡♥

That's all for this time.
Thank you for your time. See you again later, InsyaAllah!

p/s: All these while, are your words referring to me?

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