Friday, March 13, 2015

Seindah Sabar

As I was sitting on the bed with my Toshiba laptop on my lappy which was a gift from my parents, I was wondering 'Hmm.. what am i going to do now in this friday evening? Twitter..? Nahh...! I can't lose my deal! *actually i've made a deal with my bestest friend, in which whomever on the twitter timeline during this few weeks prior exam, that person would have to treat the other person a RED VELVET cornetto! (>_<) of course i am not going to lose! (unless if i wanted to treat you a cornetto ^_^)  hehe..

You made my heart red..
'Bukan heart memang red ke?' :P
Fineee.. -____-

 Then i guess, it's been a long time since i last updated my blog..

So i scroll down my page and read all the writings i've written on previous days and I realized how much i've changed through my writings. The changes that has been affected by my experiences in life that contribute to the way i'm thinking today. err.. am i matured enough now? Not really i'm supposed. But perhaps better than before.

Then, here's a problem. I found no idea to start writing, again. But.. I eventually came across this music video from UNIC. Come, let's hear it first or you can play it while reading my entry. :)

Sobs sobs.. :'(  how pleasing the music is.. don't you agree? Nowadays, its somehow less common to hear a song that may grab the heart of people who are drained of motivation. And when I found one, how can I not share it with everyone?

We could not deny that at a certain phase in our life, we need something that is of value that comforts our soul. Just anything. It can be in some form of motivational words you received from your parents, friends or loved ones. Or maybe, Allah fated you to meet someone who will remind you of Him. Then you will feel the ease and peacefulness from your miserable life. 

Hopefully we will always be in the right track under the guidance of our creator, Allah The Almighty. Amin. :)
All the best to myself and friends for the upcoming End of posting Exam!

See you again! Assalammualaikum.. :)

p/s: sengaja cucuk nak suruh bukak twitter so that i can get an ice cream.. ternyata kebal jugak ye orang tu! haha i know you are strong! keep that okay :)


  1. Lama tak blog-walking. Baca post nie, terus download terus dengar terus masuk playlist. Thanks for sharing mim! Lama tak update list lagu ni haaa. miss you makcik!!

    1. Piqaaa!!! Lamanya xnampak blog. Ape cite now? Hehe best kan lagu tu.. :)

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