Sunday, January 15, 2017

Welcoming 2017 Inspiration

When I read something from Mufti Menk, I would definitely agree with his word. It's always very wise, soft, and touches my heart. Maybe I am someone who often seek for good words because life has been difficult as you grow and mature. And nothing can be easier if it's not within yourself that make an effort to make it lighter. I mean, the feeling that you seeds to grow. If the one that you seeds having a good and positive qualities, it will cultivate on becoming something that is strong and tough. Otherwise it will only become weak and fragile to live.

When Mufti pointed that, "Don't be OVERLY sad when you lose something," this has always been true for me. It's not that we can never be sad at all, but we can be sad at a certain moment. Allow ourselves to feel the heartache as it will drive us toward our Maker to heal the wound. Yes, The Almighty will somehow, someday and in someway will replace our loss in a better way. You just have to wait and be patience.

In the end of 2016, I found that I loss whom I dearly so much. Never had I thought that it will happen to me in a short period. Somehow, it does too in the decree of Allah. However, as I reflect, it is not a 'loss' anyway. It is simply a gift that has been taken back which is not meant to be yours forever. If you realize that everything in this world has its utmost Owner, you will never feel too disappointed. Because you know it's not even yours at the very first place. We human receives whatever God gives us.

And in 2017, I am thankful that He gives me strength and calm in my heart through writings and speech from great people I encounter in the social media. And somehow I was driven to share my motivation too through my writings as well. That's the least I can do. To give benefit to people in a way I am capable of. I know that these words you are reading too are inspiration that comes from the will of Allah. All praise to Him.

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