Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Twins Of Faith 2013, The Sunnah The Better

With regard to Sheikh Tawfique Chowdhury's (founder and chairman, Mercy Mission) reminder to spread the knowledge I gained from Twins of Faith 2013, here's my short article. (oh well, its not really an article. let's just pretend it to be some sort of my diary, ok!) (^_~)


It is indeed a blessing from Allah because I was chosen by Him to attend Twins of Faith 2013 (TOF2013) despite all difficulties I experienced. I still remember that I almost decided to leave behind this event because I need to attend another program in my university. Additionally, the next day after TOF2013, I was supposed to sit for Islamic Studies' mid semester examination. But Alhamdulillah, the date has been postponed. So, there I go. :)

First and foremost, thank you soo much to my dearest parents because they are the one who allow me to attend twins of faith. I know they trust upon my well-being here in Putrajaya. Then, I would like to thank my dear friend, Aishah, for she has been my lovely companion throughout the event in Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC). Not to be forgotten, Aliff, Syahir and Aiman.

Aliff, Aiman, Syahir and friends

To be truthful, I don't actually know how exactly should I express my feelings upon TOF2013. It was such a great blessing, that I felt the most contentment during the whole day when I was attending the lectures.

It was the first time in my life I had felt the feeling of happiness when Muslims of different nations gathered together in order to seek knowledge in Islam. Why do I say different nations? It is because there were also Muslim brothers and sisters who came from Singapore, Indonesia, UK, Africa, the Arab countries and perhaps also from other countries that I have not mentioned here. Despite the differences we have (be it languages, cultures and educational backgrounds), we still greet Salaams and smile to each other. This is the beauty of brotherhood in Islam that Rasulullah s.a.w had taught us from his Sunnah. Then i wonder, "If this was the scenario in Malaysia, it must be greater in Mecca or Medina when we perform umrah & Hajj!"

By seeing and listening to the scholars who gave the lectures in TOF2013, I could not restrain myself but to feel such a great amazement towards them. I wish I could be like them. They excel in their careers in dunya such as doctor, engineer, businessman, and artist. But at the very same time, they do experts in Islamic knowledge as well! Mashaallah! These are the pearls that we need to follow as an example in our life.

Sheikh Sajid Umar

Being there, I somehow feels that I need to contribute something too for the ummah. In the future (when i graduate as a medical doctor) Inshaallah! Let us together put an effort! Each of us! There must be something we can do. Even if it is minor to the eyes of people, but if we do it with full of ikhlas and sincerity, Inshaallah we will gain reward from Him. ;)

Before I end my writings, I would like to spread the word to all Malaysian's Muslims Professional about Mercy Mission. Please click the link here Mercy Mission . Please spent  time to get to know about what they do in Mercy Mission. We can get involve and make a donation as well in order to support them in enabling the real change in Muslim community to affect future generations. Inshaallah, together we pray!

Lets pray that we could attend Twins of Faith next year! I hope Allah will choose you and me as well! ;)

Oh, I captured a few pictures of my notes in which I have written while attending the lectures in TOF 2013. I really wanted to share with you, dear reader.. :)

I like the quote, "Rabbi Zidni 'Ilma". This dua' is written in Al-quran.

These images below are taken from Twins of Faith Malaysia page in facebook. I did not own these pictures:

Mashaallah! A fully packed hall!

Signing session with Sh. Tawfique at the MM Merchandise booth.

La Tahzan to whom who does not has the opportunity to join TOF this year. At the very least, you have gained some overview about this event, right? And ooh.. I think the lectures can be viewed through videos in youtube and TV9 channel. So make sure you don't miss it okay! :)

That's all from me for now. I wish to share more, but this is all I could have done. Sorry for my English and grammars. I'm still improving my language. Thank you for reading!


-May Allah bless brothers and sisters who has put their strenuous attempt to spread the message.. :)
- I could see the difference of my writing styles compared to previous post. Isn't it? 

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