Friday, December 12, 2014


If we have faith in this, we will feel the contentment.

Nevertheless, I am not denying that sometimes we are drown by our own unstable emotional feelings. 
And in that every moment, I was afraid I might fall into the trap of disbelieving.

The questions that often came across the mind;
'Am I doing the right thing?'
'Am I going too far?'

Not a single day or perhaps i can say seconds.. am I able to forget thinking about it. 

The future is yet to be sealed, because we only know what is happening now in the present.

I believe, things said are easy than it is to be done.

From far, I am always being an observant and mesmerizing every single signs that Allah might want me to learn from.

If it is meant for us, then Allah will surely opens the door Inshaallah!

Like we always remind each other, have faith with patience. Intense patience!

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