Friday, January 1, 2016

Starts of something new 2016

Assalammualaikum wbt.

Hello! I woke up this morning and realized, oh its already 2016! So I decided to reflect and recap what has happened in 2015.

After subuh prayer and a small *conversation with someone, i took my next steps to freshen up, a bit of cleaning, and breakfast. While I was having 'kaya bread' and a mug of hot chocolate, i turned the pages of my diary. I read everything from the beginning of 2015 until the end. My expression was like ... hurmm.. uh.. ohhh.. hahaha ^_^ ... aaaa T_T .. You know, the feeling when you read all sorts of happenings in your life through out the past year. There are happiness, funny moments, excited, and all the sadness that almost forgotten. But because once upon a time, you wrote it there, and suddenly you remember what you have gone through. It's just amazing. :)

What can I conclude from 2015, "Many things have changed without we expected it to be in the beginning." Yeah. Everyone grows, everyone gone through phases in their life, and from there, it's what has made us change into someone. So am I getting better or worse? Only we ourselves can truly answer that.

At first i thought my 2015 was filled with bad memories. But when i flipped through the pages, waa.. there's actually more happy and sweet moments. So, this proves that when we are facing with calamities in our life, we tend to focus more on the problems. That's what made us thrown into depression. Somehow, we often forget that every difficulties is just temporary.

After all, I learnt a lot. Like seriously a lot! I learned how to handle my emotion on such circumstances when you feel like hopeless. Alhamdulillah, may Allah protect us from going astray.

As of today, I want to make a change. I choose to be happy as much as possible. That's what life is. It's about what we choose no matter what happens. I will try not to hold on something too tight nor too loose. Because if I hold it so tightly, and when it suddenly snaps, I'll be forced to repel backward and it'll make harder for me to find my way back to the front. (It's like when you try to stretch a rubber band so forcefully, and when it snaps, your hands will feel the pain.) On the other hand, if I hold on something so loosely, then it means I'm weak and I don't even care. So, let's just be neutral. We humans cannot control everything in this life. It's with the help of Allah. :)

The only thing that I can promise is that I'll never stop praying. Allah know's best. Let's hope for the best ending! :)))


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8th Feb - The victory!

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20th Feb - Simple tapi dalam kelas tersendiri

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Biar berlalu tahun yang penuh memori,
beri pula laluan untuk tahun baru menjengah ke mari.
Langkah demi langkah, sama-sama kita tempuhi,
Inshaallah kita doa 
moga akhirnya
sama-sama sampai ke destinasi
dengan izin Ilahi. 

Selamat datang 2016!

Ultimate goal to achieve this year! 

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