Friday, November 18, 2011

I Feel Awkward to That Question

Friends, I realized that I've grown up.
Time passes by..
..and every single moment I've been through,
taught me a lot about life.
You may find that I'm different from the pass,

but deep inside..
...I am still me.

The only thing that differs now...
...might only be my external appearance,
that you see from your eyes..
..not from your heart,

but deep inside..
...I am still me.

As I live my life now,
I realized that I'm different from anyone else.
One day you asked me about relationship... and others looked surprised when I said,
"I've never been in a relationship."
then you asked again, "why?!"
I could only just smile,
..without answers.

but deep inside...
..I felt awkward.

Simply because..
..I've never been asked...
...such kind of question.

I'm telling you what principle I am holding..

I am saving my precious heart to ONE and ONLY person,
..that is MEANT for me.
I trust Allah promises,
and I strongly believe that He will guides me.. long as I put my love to Him first.
With that I will not give my love to the wrong person..
...and I wont feel awkward anymore. :)



  1. depa pelik la, org lawa tp xde bf
    btw, semoga impian hg menjd kenyataan

  2. suka suka suka.i na curik hati u laa pasni.bole?!!hehehee ^^.