Monday, September 8, 2014

UiTM di Hatiku

Awww terjumpa my tasks diary when i was in Uitm Puncak Alam pursuing Asasi sains...

Bila baca balik penulisan-penulisan dalam buku ni, I realized how much i've grownup! 

Kalau dulu, menyimpan angan-angan untuk further medic. Yet at that time, my self-confidence was always up and down like a person climbing on a mountain, and going up and down, again-and-again.

Its amazing though when i ponder back my dreams, everything was set in a line, and now yeap, i'm a medical student. Next, will i become a doctor? ~Inshaallah.

Its not a waste of time if you keep a diary to yourself. Sometimes when u are writing, you make dua at the same time. Later in future, you flip back your diaries, you will then realize how much those duas have been granted by Allah. Like soo much! All praise to Allah. Keep doa in whatever we wish for, and Allah will surely grant us! Amin. ♥

p/s: pernah berselisih x agaknya dkt kampus dulu? 

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